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Alexandria 2030 - Updating the City's Vision

The City of Alexandria adopted its 2021 comprehensive plan update on August 5, 2021. The purpose of this website was originally to let community residents and stakeholders know what was going on with the process and inform them on how they could participate in the update. Now, this website will be temporarily maintained for the purpose of posting the adopted plan, which can download by clicking on the cover image to the right. You can also download the plan on the city's main website.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a planning tool that evaluates various aspects of the city and establishes a series of policies to help guide future decisions about the physical, economic, environmental, and community service aspects of the city. Comprehensive plans are general in nature and are purposely long-term, recognizing that some visions cannot be achieved immediately but take years to accomplish. This plan is intended to help guide decisions related to Alexandria over the next five to ten years.


Why an Update?

Kentucky state law requires that a community revisit its plan every five years, even if to simply re-adopt the previous vision, in order to maintain tools such as zoning. The last time the city went through a complete overhaul of the plan was in 2004. While the overall vision and goals of that plan have not significantly changed, in 2021, the city felt that it was a good time to revisit the plan, update data, and generally streamline the document to make it easier to use.

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